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Update Treasury


Out Now:
Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Version 2.0


Out of Time?
We’re heading into a new update… before we’re out of time. To Complete the objectives of creating a new & improved version of the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Version. We constantly thinking of new innovative ways to bring a better out of the box ways to bring you a better software every update we release.


New Indicator Added:

2 new indicators added to the file to help you learn and earn better.

Expert Advisor

New Features & tools added:
So many new features coming to the new version and we excited for you to use  them so join the team and take control in the markets.


Don’t think we forgot about our clients who purchased Platinum 1.0:

  • As a existing client you get a special upgrade discount for the any updates.
  • Your upgrade fee is only R2999.99 once off 


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a broker issue that occurred with v1.00 causing the file to not work on certain brokers.
  • Improved the performance of how the Nasdaq ghost robot enters trades 
  • Resolved a TP & SL issue that occurred with v1.00 causing the file to not place a SL & TP on certain volatile trades.
  •  We also have resolved all small bugs and improved alot behind the scenes

New Price

This applies for all new clients interested purchasing Platinum version 2.0

The new price for the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Version 2.0 will be R3499.99 Once Off and when you purchase you get exclusive upgrade & discount benefits to any updates that will come in the future.

First to Know…

our new Nasdaq Ghost Robot Plainium Version 2.0 has a new look and new improved tools